The Greater Light CARE Ministry would like to be available to help those who need encouragement.  We would like to walk with you on this journey of life.  We would like to provide spiritual welfare, comfort, counsel, and visitation for all those who are experiencing hurt, loss, and grief.

  • We promise to value, affirm, support, encourage, and nurture the unique spirituality of those we serve.  We are rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus Christ as Savior and Healer.
  • We commit ourselves to serve all persons with special attention to those who are poor in spirit, experiencing vulnerability due to life changing circumstances. 
  • We are advocates of sharing Christ’s love and compassion and care through our actions and our words and our prayers.
  • We in leadership of the ministry desire a relationship with you. 

Let us walk with you on your journey. Let us be present with you in your time of pain.